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Show Date Closing Date Show Type Society Schedule Entry Form Online Entry
10/07/1605/06/16openLiskeard & District Canine Society
11/07/1605/06/16openStithians Agricultural Association
16/07/1618/06/16champNational Bedlington Terrier Club
16/07/1618/06/16openEnglish Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Club
31/07/1621/06/16champThe Southern Pointer Club
27/07/1624/06/16openMinehead & District Canine Society
06/08/1630/06/16openThe Newfoundland Club
07/08/1602/07/16champChinese Crested Dog Club
27/08/1623/07/16openNewton Abbot & South Devon Canine Society
28/08/1625/07/16openHorley & District Canine Society
19/08/1628/07/16OpenChihuahua Club Of South Wales
18/09/1622/08/16openWorthing & District Canine Society
24/09/1625/08/16openHereford & County Kennel Society
25/09/1602/09/16openManchester & Counties Bulldog Club
13/11/1613/10/16openGuildford & District Canine Society
20/11/1614/10/16openCamberley & District Canine Society
12/11/1615/10/16openWest Highland White Terrier Club Of England
26/11/1628/10/16openTruro & District Canine Society